Charla de Miguel Ángel Sánchez Conde sobre detección indirecta de Materia Oscura

Indirect Dark Matter

Dr. Miguel Ángel Sánchez Conde is a researcher at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid leading a group with a focus on gamma-ray dark matter searches, astroparticle physics and cosmological simulations.

Abstract: The nature of the dark matter (DM) in the Universe is one of the greatest mysteries of our time, and its quest of utmost relevance for the whole scientific community. Among the efforts currently ongoing, the search for annihilation or decay products of DM particle candidates like the WIMP already provided abundant information and allowed to set competitive constraints on the DM particle properties. In this review talk, I will summarize the current status of this ‘indirect’ search of DM, paying particular attention to results obtained with gamma-ray telescopes from the direction of the best astrophysical targets. I will finally discuss on future DM sensitivity prospects and new DM search opportunities.»

Horario: 12:00, del jueves 9 de diciembre, en el seminario de Física nuclear u on-line .

Charla financiada por el proyecto DGA del grupo GIFNA .

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