«CosmicWISPers» COST Action approved

A new COST Action called «COSMIC WISPers in the Dark Universe: Theory, astrophysics and experiments» has been recently approved by the COST Committee. The Action deals with axions and other WISPs and their connection with astrophysics and cosmology. It is coordinated by A. Mirizzi of U. Bari and counts withe the participation of CAPA members, and many of the axion leading researchers in Europe and elsewhere.

Good news for the axion community!



Programa de especialización tecnológica en el CERN (FTEC)

Está abierta la convocatoria del CERN-CIEMAT Spanish Traineeship Programme, FTEC, un programa de especialización tecnológica en el CERN, Suiza, dirigido a jóvenes ingenieros y físicos aplicados.

La convocatoria tiene como objetivo incrementar la presencia de personal investigador y técnico español en el CERN, así como consolidar un colectivo de personas con la titulación de máster en Ingeniería, Física Aplicada o titulaciones equivalentes, en tecnologías estratégicas del CERN. Se espera seleccionar hasta 20 plazas con perfiles específicos en áreas relacionadas con física y tecnología de aceleradores y detectores tales como imanes superconductores, criogenia, convertidores de potencia, radiofrecuencia, sistemas de control, electrónica y tecnologías relacionadas.

Más información en la siguiente página web:




Bad Honnef Physics School on «Axions and WISPs»

Targeted to PhD students or young postdocs working on, or with an interest in, axion research. The school aims at providing the foundations of this emerging field, or rounding the overview for those already engaged in aspects of axion research, experimentally or in theory.

It will take place from 2 to 7 August 2020, at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, near Bonn and Cologne, Germany. The 200€ fee includes full board and lodging.

More info here: https://www.dpg-physik.de/veranstaltungen/2020/axions-and-wisps


Spanish excellence program for recruitment of senior researchers (Ramón y Cajal, Juan de la Cierva) – call now open!

The Spanish ministry offers an recruitment program with both senior postdoctoral positions (Juan de la Cierva) and tenure-track positions (Ramón y Cajal). Those programs are highly competitive, and offer attractive formulas to get established as a researcher. They are mostly based on the excellence of the candidate’s curriculum, research project and host group. The annual call is now open until the 21st January.

The research groups at CAPA continuously seek excellent candidates interested in joining them to support candidacies to these programs. Please contact us if you are interested.

Postdoctoral contract for IAXO at CAPA

The IAXO group at CAPA invites excellent young researchers with a recent PhD to apply for a 2(+1) years postdoctoral contract now available in the group, funded by the IAXO+ ERC Advanced Grant. The position is addressed to experimental profiles in astroparticle physics, and the candidate is expected to play an important role in the IAXO experiment. More details on the position can be found here:

Next IAXO Collaboration Meeting in Zaragoza, 22-24 Oct 2019 🗓

Next meeting of the IAXO collaboration (the 10th) will take place in Zaragoza, on 22-24 October 2019. More than 40 scientists will meet in the Science Faculty of the University of Zaragoza. The main goal is to proceed with the first steps to build BabyIAXO in DESY-Hamburg. BabyIAXO is the first experimental stage of the IAXO program, recently endorsed by the Physics Review Committee of DESY.

More info here and here.