Registrations are open for REST-for-Physics Training School

The REST-for-Physics (Rare Event Searches Toolkit) Framework is a collaborative software effort that provides common tools for acquisition, simulation, and data analysis of gaseous Time Projection Chambers (TPCs).

REST-for-Physics was conceived at the University of Zaragoza and it is intensively used in academia by undergraduate, master and PhD students for thesis preparation. It is also used for generic R&D, and it has been adopted by experiments like IAXO, TREX-DM or PandaX-III to assist in the data processing and storage of official experimental data.

This school program will be distributed in 5-days:

Day 1. ROOT and REST installation and good to know UNIX tips.

Day 2. Introduction to ROOT. Basic ROOT components and I/O.

Day 3. Introduction to REST-for-Physics: Particle physics MonteCarlo simulations.

Day 4. Introduction to REST-for-Physics: Event data processing.

Day 5. Contributing to REST-for-Physics: First steps with GitHub and advanced REST.

Detailed program and registration link can be found following this link.

REST-for-Physics Training School poster