Direct Dark Matter Detection Report Community Feedback Meeting

From APPEC News:

An APPEC SAC sub-committee for Direct Dark Matter Detection was established by the General Assembly in May 2019. This committee, chaired by Professor Leszek Roszkowski, has delivered its draft report for community feedback. The draft report gives a complete overview of the current status in the field of direct dark matter detection research as well as an outline of the prospects for experiments in the foreseeable future. It also addresses the issue of infrastructure requirements and the links to neighbouring research fields.
Feedback from the wider European (and beyond) Astroparticle Physics community is invited and will be discussed in an online meeting on Tuesday 2 February 2021. Information on the community feedback meeting and participant registration is provided in Indico at
This site links the draft Direct Dark Matter Detection Committee Report. This document is a draft report that is only made available confidentially for this meeting. It is subject to change, depending in part on the community feedback. Questions, comments or suggestions concerning the draft report can already be submitted by email to the chair of the committee Leszek Roszkowski prior to the meeting. Preferably, this should be done no later than Sunday 24 January 2021 for full consideration in preparing the meeting.
Taking the feedback from the community into account, the Direct Dark Matter Detection Committee Report will be finalised for endorsement by the APPEC General Assembly for public release around the beginning of April 2021.