Ofertas de trabajo no directamente relacionadas con CAPA

  • Postdoctoral Lederman Fellowships at Fermilab on Cosmology/Particle Astrophysics, Astrophysics / Astrophysics, Computational Astrophysics, Cosmology, Experimental Astrophysics, Galaxy Formation, High Energy Physics / Experiment, LHC, Neutrino physics and Astrophysics https://academicprogramsonline.org/ajo/fellowship/16879  Deadline on October 28, 2020.
  • PNNL is seeking outstanding junior research scientists to contribute to our fundamental physics program in the areas of dark matter, neutrino physics, and technologies overlapping into quantum information science (QIS). The Detection Physics (DP) Group is seeking to fill multiple positions, including postdoctoral appointments and permanent staff positions. Applicants are expected to demonstrate unique technical strengths applicable to the above listed research areas and to present a compelling vision for their contribution to these research programs. Excellent communication and presentation skills are required and a demonstrated ability to publish completed research is a key attribute.
    A competitive salary and benefits package will be offered.
    Apply directly at http://jobs.pnnl.gov/. Selected candidates will be invited to submit a research statement. Recommendation letters will not be reviewed. Applicants are encouraged to consider Job IDs: 311136, 311171, 311172 and 311174.
  • Post-doctoral position in the Experimental Astroparticle and Neutrino Physics Group of IFIC – Instituto de Física Corpuscular (University of Valencia and CSIC), Valencia, Spain, to work on Neutrino properties/search for dark matter, https://inspirehep.net/jobs/1807873, Deadline on Sep 30, 2020.
  • Postdoctoral Position in Particle Detector R&D for Experimental Neutrino Physics for the Laboratory for High Energy Physics (LHEP) at the University of Bern, https://inspirehep.net/jobs/1806122 Deadline on 30th of September 2020.
  • 3-year PhD grant in gravitational physics at University of the Balearic Islands (Spain) https://edoctorat.uib.es/es/Noticia/Convocatoria-de-un-contrato-predoctoral-en-Fisica.cid633737 Deadline on 30th of September 2020.
  • Poisition as LZ Computing Infrastructure Developer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/16756 Deadline on 25th of September 2020.
  • Postdoctoral position to work on dark matter searches at Madrid IFT (Astroparticle group at the Institute for Theoretical Physics), https://www.ift.uam-csic.es/en/news/postdoctoral-position-work-dark-matter-searches-madrid-ift  Applications should arrive by September 15, 2020.
  • Two PhD positions and one postdoc position on gravitational wave physics at the University of Stavanger (UiS), Norway. Deadline for applications: August 16th 2020. Contact: germano.nardini@uis.no
  • Postdoctoral position at CENBG, Gradignan (Francia) on neutrino mass hierarchy and precise oscillation parameters measurements https://inspirehep.net/jobs/1781085 Deadline on Jul 31, 2020.
  • Predoctoral position funded by CIEMAT (4-year PhD contract) for outstanding young MSc graduates interested in working in Dark matter search with liquid argon detectors in the CIEMAT-DM group.  Deadline: July 14, 2020.
  • Postdoctoral position at Harvard University, Department of Physics to work on the IceCube South Pole Neutrino Observatory https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/16300 Application deadline 1 July 2020.
  • Postdoc position at Max Planck Institute for Physics, Munich on “Data Analysis for the CRESST Experiment” https://inspirehep.net/jobs/1789126 Deadline on Jun 30, 2020.
  • Post-doc position in JUNO experiment at CENBG, Gradignan, funded by CNRS/IN2P3 https://labs.inspirehep.net/jobs/1781085 Deadline on Jun 30, 2020.